From the Start

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I really, truly appreciate it. There are so many other ways you could be spending your time, so I’m glad you’ve chosen to listen to my ramblings. My goal for the blog is to inspire, educate and hopefully amuse you, so let me know if I achieve it!
Since the age of 14 I, like most of us, I had to put together a resume and as I got older and my career developed my resume developed too, including the ability to sell myself (not in the way you’re thinking, cheeky). Now that I have my own business I am often asked to talk about myself, describe myself, talk about my career journey, so on and so forth and it always seems to be limited to ‘relevant experience’. No one asks about where you started and what formed the foundations for your working life.
Well, here it is for you dear reader, my career from the very start. If you would prefer the condensed version, please take a look here.

I think I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit within me, but no real guidance or mentors to show me how it’s done. My first ‘job’, if you could call it that, was babysitting the little girl next door. I was about 12 years old at the time and that ten or twenty dollars each week came in very handy at the local milk bar (I was a big fan of the Sherbet Fountain, but who wasn’t in the 90’s?). My little job grew to the point where my weekends and a couple of nights a week were spent babysitting local children and I loved it. Not only was I making money but I felt like I was a character in the Babysitters Club. Remember those books? I loved them!

From babysitting I went on to become a ‘checkout chick’ at Coles. It was very regimented but an incredible opportunity to learn about corporate business. Working at Coles gave me an understanding of hierarchy (good and bad), corporate policy and procedure. To this day when I go to my local supermarket and see the bored faces of the checkout staff I want to tell them

“It’s not all bad, you’re learning a lot you just don’t realise it right now. And don’t put my bread with the meat!”

From there I took a junior role within the Land Tax Branch at the State Revenue Office and this developed my love of property and real estate. A real estate sales role followed and those years were some of the biggest eye openers of my life. I was nineteen when I started but I had no real concept of the responsibility that I had. I was making more money than I could understand, and spending it before it hit my bank account!

At the ripe old age of 23 I felt burnt out. I had been working long hours, seven days a week for five years and was physically and emotionally exhausted. I wanted a change but what could I do? A friend of mine was working as a flight attendant and suggested I give that a go. The lure of cheap travel beckoned and I rushed forward with a ‘where do I sign up?’ attitude but it was not so easy. Six (yes, six!) interview stages later I joined what was a new airline at the time, Jetstar as one of their first group of flight attendants. I knew on my very first day that I didn’t want to stay there, the job just wasn’t for me, but I held out for the probation period to end in order to qualify for staff travel (it’s so awesome but I might leave that for another blog post!) and I’m so glad that I did as I met my amazing partner Anthony whilst working there. With Anthony’s encouragement and support I went back to my passion, real estate but this time in the commercial property field and I really felt I’d found my calling.

I spent eight years at Colliers climbing the corporate ladder to Associate Director before having my daughter. I knew that I couldn’t continue the extensive commute and long days that I had previously and the idea for The Tenant Company was borne.

The Tenant Company is growing and I’m exceeding the goals I had set for the first six months of the business. I have been given the opportunity to work with some amazing business owners and I’m so excited to be on their business journey with them.

I would love to hear about your business journey. Where did your career start and what do you think you learned in your first job? Let me know in the comments below.


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